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Mi 9t pro reddit

No Xiaomi Mi 9 killer. The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, like its sister model Mi 9T, has a motorised pop-up front-facing camera to aid in the pursuit of the highest possible screen-to-body ratio.

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Now we have got our hands on the Mi 9T Pro, which is where things start to get confusing. It is unclear when Xiaomi will bring the Mi 9T Pro to market in Europe, but Xiaomi managers in Poland and Russia have confirmed that the company eventually plans to do so. Hereafter, we shall refer to the device as the Mi 9T Pro to simplify matters.


The two devices are indistinguishable aside from the camera sensor and SoC, with them both having a 6. Additionally, they both come with a motorised pop-up camera and in the same three striking colours.

We have chosen to compare the Mi 9T Pro against other comparably priced and equipped smartphones. Xiaomi covers the back of the Mi 9T Pro in scratch-resistant 2. Gorilla glass protects the display too, although this lies flat with the frame rather than blending into it as the back does.

The former also has a glossy finish, making it a fingerprint magnet. This should not be an issue though if you plan to keep it protected in the silicone case that Xiaomi includes in the box. Irrespective, our review unit is well-built, and its motorised pop-up camera only wobbles slightly if we apply pressure to it.

Its physical buttons sit firmly in their housings too, while there are no unsightly or uneven gaps between materials. Best Displaysfor University Students. You can still connect external peripherals like USB sticks or keyboards and mice with the appropriate adapter, but large wired data transfers will take longer than they would if Xiaomi had included a USB 3.

However, Xiaomi has certified the device for Widevine L3, restricting it to streaming content from DRM-protected services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in only standard definition.

The device does have an OLED-typical ambient display that displays notifications without switching on the entire display. The device features a 7th generation in-screen optical fingerprint scanner too, along with 2D facial authentication. You must either use cloud storage or buy the GB version instead if you think that you will need more than GB as the Mi 9T Pro does not support microSD card expansion.

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MIUI looks and feels more like stock Android than previous versions, but it still may take some acclimatisation, with the default launcher lacking an app drawer for example. Xiaomi includes different gesture controls and a redesigned Recents pane too, the latter of which we have included in the screenshots below. Our review unit also came with the June set of Android security patches, which were relatively up to date.

There are ways to install these, but they can be rather lengthy and not always guaranteed to work. The Mi 9T Pro supports all modern communication standards including Bluetooth 5.

Our review unit maintained good Wi-Fi reception in everyday use at an impressively low attenuation of dBm when connected and next to our Telekom Speedport WV router. The device did not always maintain a stable connection though, which our iperf3 Client Wi-Fi tests underline. The Redmi K20 Pro can only access 10 LTE bands, which is not enough for it to be considered an intercontinental device.Xiaomi Android.

There is one difference though - the K20 Pro comes with Poco launcher 2.

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There are various themes you can choose from and make it yours. Always-on screen. You can unlock the screen via the latest-generation under-display fingerprint scanner.

The reader is very easy to set up and works surprisingly fast. The accuracy is superb, too, and overall, it's great for your daily unlocking.

You can also set up face unlock in addition to it - it's equally fast as the Redmi K20 Pro wakes up the moment you pick it up.

Note that the face unlock option may not be available in all regions. Unlocking options. The Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro has a Dark mode - it will switch all system colors from white to black and this way you can save some battery juice by making the best use of the power-efficient AMOLED screen.

Note that not all apps support the dark mode, but the majority do. Dark mode. The K20 Pro also comes with various live wallpapers including the cool hour wallpaper - it changes depending on the time of day and is quite nice, indeed. It is quite powerful and supports automatic categories, you can change backgrounds and transparency, icon arrangement and size, among other things.

mi 9t pro reddit

The thing is we never felt the need for an app drawer on MIUI, but it's on the K20 Pro and it can be disabled, of course, so we don't mind it. And if you are getting the Mi 9T Pro, which doesn't come with Poco launcher installed by default, but want an app drawer - just go to the Play Store and download the Poco launcher app.

It's free, of course. The app drawer. Here are the default home screens on Redmi K20 Pro. There's a weather widget in the upper right corner across from a large clock widget.

mi 9t pro reddit

There is a Quick Card pane, the leftmost one. It contains different cards with relevant information - recent apps, step counter, notes, calendar events, the weather, and favorites, among others. You can configure what shows up here, or you can disable this altogether.

The task switcher felt a bit awkward at first, but we've grown to like it. It shows all of your recent apps in two columns. Tap and hold on a card for the split-screen shortcut, or just swipe it left or right to close it.

Recents and Split Screen. Themes are supported on the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro, but the app appears only when the phone is set to a supported region, say India. MIUI also offers a Security app. It can scan your phone for malware, manage your blacklist, manage or restrict your data usage, configure battery behavior, and free up some RAM.

It can also manage the permissions of your installed apps and allows you to define the battery behavior of selected apps and applies restrictions only to the apps you choose. In some regions, the music and video app include paid streaming options.The Xiaomi Mi 9T is an excellently balanced smartphone with oodles of tech with very few compromises.

With an awesome camera and gorgeous design, this has to be the best mid-range smartphone on the planet. The Mi 9T makes up for those cosmetic shortcomings, but at what cost?

Is it worth buying over the Mi 9? The Mi 9T is a very close relative to the Redmi K In fact, by most accounts, the 9T is simply a rebrand of the K That means this device targets the mid-range sector of the market. With competitors such as the Realme XAsus Zenfone 6and Galaxy A50the Xiaomi is under pressure to create something unique and special. The box of the Mi 9T contains the basics.

It leaves areas at the top and bottom exposed for ports instead of designating cutouts for the pop-up camera and ports. I liked the design of the Mi 9, but as more phones across all price ranges become bezel-lessI fully expected Xiaomi to take this approach with the Mi 9T. The phone shows a carbon-fiber pattern from beneath its smooth glass back, and adds a sharp-looking red power button for accent.

The comfortably curved back, along with the glossy metal rails, create a smooth yet rather slippery surface. This thing looks gorgeous, but as soon as you pick it up, two things will happen: Fingerprints will quickly appear on the back, and you may lose grip because the glass is so slick. The in-display fingerprint scanner feels plenty quick and very rarely had problems registering my thumb. Together with the off-center pop-up selfie camera, it allows for the incredibly clean design.

The same-side buttons are solid and tactile. The volume rocker sits just above the colored power button, and since the Mi 9T drops the Google Assistant button, the left side is bare. The headphone port being on the top is going to force some users to switch phone orientation in their pocket, but having a headphone port at all is much appreciated.

The black and red color scheme here is subtle, from the color around the rear camera, to the LEDs in the pop-up camera module, to the accented power button. A classy and executive exterior, with hints of a playful and interesting side. As an overall package, the Mi 9T feels and looks stunning; for what it lacks internally, it more than makes up for externally. The screen is large and sharp with plenty of pixels.

I really like the way this display looks. The most controversial part of the Xiaomi Mi 9T has to be its step down from the flagship Snapdragon to a mid-range chip.

Xiaomi did this to reach its targeted price point. The Redmi K20 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9, which both feature theare more squarely aimed at the flagship space. The Snapdragon from Qualcomm is an excellent chip that achieves some pretty respectable numbers. Reality is another story: I found the Mi 9T to be just as quick in everyday tasks as its bigger brother, the Mi 9.

The 9T shines in all respects. All the games ran like a charm, without so much as a hiccup. Despite what the spec sheet says, this is quite a capable gaming device. The benchmark for a good phone battery these days is 4,mAh and Xiaomi has matched that with the Mi 9T. The Mi 9T lasted me all day without a hitch for the full six days that I reviewed the phone. In fact, I never finished the day with less than 30 percent left in the tank.

In our battery teststhis phone lasted well over 11 hours of mixed-use. MIUI is well known for its aggressive task management and certainly does the job here with the 9T. Top-ups with the included charger are quick and easy. Unfortunately, however, wireless charging is unavailable.Alex, 10 Mar Never! After 1. H22, 09 Mar Does this phone have heating problems?

Becuase i heard that it heats up quickly when playing games Dude, all phones are to going to hot if you are going to use it in long period of time, especially if you are using a mobile data.

There's nothings new about it. I woke up to find the charge cable melted at the phone charge jack. It melted inside the charge port. The phone works, but now there is no way to charge it. The phone is destroyed. I was using the charger and cable that came with the phone. Xtoilaxsourus, 16 Mar Which is a better buy.

Both are P15k in the Phili Snapdragon is better then exynos. Anonymous, 16 Mar Which one best 9t pro or k20 pro?

mi 9t pro reddit

Becuase i heard that it heats up quickly when playing games no dear I've just received a software update a couple of days ago. Which is a better buy. Both are P15k in the Philippines. My xiaomi 9t pro system pop up notification take years to dissapear. It has Snapdragon so it should? No, this phone doesn't. Becuase i heard that it heats up quickly when playing games Never! Does this phone have heating problems? Becuase i heard that it heats up quickly when playing games.

Dominique, 03 Mar Is your phone set to receive updates automatically? This may require auto restart. No, my phone is up to date. No updates. Sony Xperia 5 review. Review Pictures Compare Specifications.

Post your opinion. Sort by: Newest first Oldest first Best rating. Total of user reviews and opinions for Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro.This is the speed you need.

For the optimal gaming experience, Mi 9T Pro not only gives you great hardware, but software optimizations that greatly boost performance. Through deep optimization, Mi Turbo reduces file fragmentation and keeps your system running smoothly for up to 18 months. Meanwhile, the updated Game Turbo mode gives a massive boost to touchscreen sensitivity and responsiveness.

It also features more tools like visual enhancement, so you can play using your customized configuration. In the rear, heat-transmitting gel, graphite and copper keep the CPU running fast for a high and stable frame rate throughout every battle. Seamlessly zoom in from 0. Show off your world exactly as you see it.

Buy Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 6GB + 128GB Variant For $379.99 (Flash Sale)

Now with panorama selfies, everyone can join in. Have everyone gather around - there's no need for a selfie stick! Simply turn the phone from side to side to capture the whole group. A single tap lets you lock onto a moving object and keep it in the center of the frame for a stable shot. The pop-up selfie camera leaves room for more screen, resulting in a true Full Screen Display with a Barely visible until you tap on the camera app, it pops up smoothly, accompanied by your custom sound effect.

The 6. Unlocking is now faster than ever. The back of the Mi 9T Pro is graceful and contemplative, until the light hits it and its bold flames flicker to life.

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It's almost as if it has moods of its own, made all the more profound by the classic black carbon fiber design. With its 3D curvature, it fits comfortably in the hand and looks stunningly smooth.

With the Mi 9T Pro in your pocket, you're ready to head out the door. Use it as you wallet with just a swipe.

Redmi K20 Pro/Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Review: ‘Flagship Killer’ Reimagined

Using standard rectangle measurements, the display length is 6. Actual results may vary due to differences in charging cable, charging adapter, software version, environment, and model number.

The screen-to-body ratio of Recently, Xiaomi has launched a new Smartphone Mi 9T Pro, which has become one of the reference smartphones of Xiaomi in And it is that Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro large screen without any type of notch, together with its powerful Snapdragon and a mAh battery, make this phone in one of the most attractive on the market for those looking for high-end high performance.

Brightness control automatically adjusts its level to the prevailing lighting conditions to eliminate flickering in low light conditions. In addition, the Sunlight 2. Mi 9T Pro has a 7th generation fingerprint reader placed on the screen. Inside the phone, you can find a special cooling system consisting of eight layers of graphite. The heat generated in the process of use is dissipated and dissipated in two directions. Mi 9T Pro has the Game Turbo 2.

The response speed to touch increases to Hz and the response time to clicks and touch is reduced to about 70 milliseconds. Features of night, stable photography and tracking will allow — as Xiaomi assures — users to take high-quality photos in any setting. Thanks to the updated software, the phone also reportedly smoothly records the image at 60 fps in 4K resolution.

Selfie fans will be able to use the retractable 20MP front camera. In addition, the Selfie Panorama mode will allow you to capture all your friends in one photo. The phone is powered by a mAh battery. The device supports the 27W fast charging function. Mi 9T Pro also offers a 3. Nano-holographic technology was used to produce the back panel.

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Thanks to this, the back housing has a unique texture imitating flames in red Flame Red and blue Glacier Blue color variant. For those who appreciate the classic look of the smartphone, a black version Carbon Black is also available.

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mi 9t pro reddit

Don't have an account? Share 1. Related Articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The concept has become a reality thanks to companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi. With the crossover of affordability and premium features, these inexpensive flagships — just like recently launched Redmi K20 Pro — have massive mass appeal and can drive more users than actual premium devices. The smartphone has been launched internationally as the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro and its targetted market include Europe.

Redmi has taken a leap into the premium segment, transcending its pedigree of affordable and budget smartphones. Its parent company Xiaomi has moved the earth with its aggressive marketing to fortify claims of the Redmi K20 Pro being an invincible affordable premium flagship.

But unlike the POCO F1, which was a medley of hardcore raw specifications tethered to an unexciting polycarbonate design, the Redmi K20 Pro trumps that premise with a premium and stimulating glass design. This is complemented by an AMOLED display without a notch hindering the symmetry of your device, a selfie camera shuttled by a pop-up mechanism, a camera triad on the back with dedicated sensors for optical zooming and ultra-wide photography aside from the primary 48MP shooter.

In terms of specifications, the K20 Pro stands tall and firm, but does it break new grounds in terms of what it delivers? To up its premium game, the smartphone gets a glass sandwich design along with Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both sides. Redmi aces the hypnotizing 3D gradient trend on both the Flame Red and the Glacier Blue variants, and this makes the smartphone very attractive and distinctive. Even after gawking at the patterns for literally several minutes in a row, I feel myself being so much in awe of the mesmerizing reflective surface.

The underlying pattern shifts and changes with the incident light. In my first impressions of the Redmi K20 Pro, I talked about the fundamental layout of various elements in the design, so this section will be more critical and revolve around aspects worth admiring as well as being cautious about. The curvature of the glass back adds to the grip and makes the phone feel slightly lighter, even though it weighs a little over grams. Redmi has added a thin and flexible plastic case within the box for those who prefer covering up fragile phones.

For the durability of the glass design, there is Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides and it is likely to put off users expecting the Redmi K20 Pro to feature the latest version of the protective glass. By mistakenly throwing the smartphone in the same pocket as my keys, I have been able to create thick grooves on both the front or the back. Based on the comments we received in our first impressions, many individuals seemingly equate curved screens with a premium smartphone and this disposition, in my understanding, is a side-effect of Samsung heaving its premium phone portfolio with curved screens.

With the OnePlus 7 Prothe original flagship killer brand — OnePlus — used this trick to make the smartphone appear more attractive. Personally, however, I prefer the flat display since that not only makes it easier to type on the keys in the outward rows but also makes it easy to use MIUI gestures, especially the back gesture which involves swiping inwards from either of the edges.

The display measures 6. The Redmi K20 Pro is embarked on a journey to acquire a similar reputation and the display does help it qualify as a premium device with its thin bezels around all the edges resulting in an attractive appearance. In an era when dongles are common, the presence of a 3. It is commendable that Redmi has managed to cram a headphone jack in the conveniently slim profile of the Redmi K20 Pro.

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